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Cornish engineers and inventors    Carolyn Martin

978-1-915664-16-7     £3.99  Order information

Cornwall produced an amazing number of engineers and inventors, especially when the mining industry put it at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Some such as William Murdoch, Humphry Davy and Richard Trevithick are well known, others, such as Sir Goldsworthy Gurney of Bude, much less so than they deserve.

Cornwall’s Writers     Carolyn Martin

978-1-915664-21-1     £3.99  Order information

Short biographies of writers, both Cornish born and others who were influenced by Cornwall. such as Daphne du Maurier and John le Carré.

Exeter and East Devon dog walks     Robert Hesketh 

978-1-915664-22-8     £4.99  Order information

Walks between 2 and 8km in length, chosen with dogs in mind, avoiding hazards and providing off-lead opportunities.

Smuggling recipes     Carolyn Martin

978-1-915664-17-4    £3.99  Order information

For this appetising book Carolyn Martin researched and adapted genuine 18th- and 19th-century recipes which used smuggled ingredients – not just alcohol but also tea, chocolate and highly taxed sugar.

Tales of Cornish Giants     Robert Hunt

978-1-915664-18-1    £3.99  Order information

A collection of folk tales from the West of Cornwall, which was apparently inhabited by quarrelsome giants in ancient times.

South Devon dog walks     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-98-0     £4.99  Order information

Walks chosen with dogs in mind, with off-lead opportunities and avoiding difficult stiles and unfenced cliffs.

Cornwall and slavery        Paul White        

978-1-906474-93-5    £2.99  Order information

Cornwall had plantation owners as well as abolitionists – and some Cornish people were themselves captured and enslaved in North Africa. This book attempts to understand (but not excuse) why it took so long for slavery to be abolished.

Shortish walks – Lower Tamar Valley      Paul White

978-1-906474-96-6    £3.99  Order information

A new edition. 15 walks, most of them circular and 6-8km in length.

Cornwall Beach & Cove Guide: South Coast      Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-94-2    £3.99  Order information

Practical information about 94 beaches and coves.

Traditional Cornish recipes      Carolyn Martin

978-1-906474-92-8    £3.99  Order information

Expert food researcher Carolyn Martin pools the wisdom of cooks across the centuries to bring the best of Cornwall’s traditions to the modern kitchen.

Pushchair walks on Dartmoor     Emma Richardson

978-1-906474-95-9     £4.99  Order information

17 walks from 1 to 7km in length suitable for an all-terrain push-chair, and many of them also suitable for a stroller.

Haunted inns of Exmoor and North Devon      Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-97-3     £3.99  Order information

Robert Hesketh and his wife Adrienne interviewed landlords, landladies and staff at many historic pubs, and heard first-hand of their experiences of ghostly presences.

What makes Cornwall different?     Paul White

978-1-915664-27-3     £3.99  Order information

A brief introduction to Cornwall, whose geography and geology both influenced its history.



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