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Really short walks North Cornwall   Paul White

978-1-906474-07-2        £3.99    Order info

22 walks, most of them circular and 3-5km, 2-3 miles in length.

Shortish walks: Bodmin Moor    Paul White

978-1-906474-99-7         £4.99    Order info

15 walks, 6-9km (4-6 miles), exploring the moor’s scenery, antiquities and industrial past.

Shortish Walks near the Lands End   Paul White

978-1-906474-46-1         £3.99    Order info

14 circular walks typically 6-8 km in length and likely to occupy a morning or an afternoon. Covers West Penwith from Zennor Head round to Mousehole.

Shortish walks on and around The Lizard    Paul White

978-1-906474-25-6        £3.99    Order info

14 circular walks typically 6-8 km in length. Eight are on The Lizard itself, three along the coast towards Penzance, three on the Falmouth side.

Shortish walks – Lower Tamar Valley Paul White

978-1-906474-96-6        £3.99    Order info

A new edition. 15 walks, most of them circular and 6-8km in length.

Really Short Walks West Cornwall     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-80-5        £4.00    Order info

Mostly circular walks, typically 3-6km in length. West Cornwall’s surf-pounded cliffs, secluded coves and beaches offer some of the finest scenery on the coast path.

Shortish walks in north Cornwall    Paul White

978-1-915664-04-4        £4.99    Order info

14 circular walks typically 6-8 km in length and likely to occupy a morning or an afternoon.

Really short walks St Ives to Padstow     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-70-6        £3.99    Order info

Mostly circular walks, typically 3 to 6km in length, chosen for the glorious views they offer, but also to show interesting features of Cornwalls former mining areas.

Writers’ Walks on the Cornish Coast     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-77-5        £4.00    Order info

Walks chosen for their quality as walks, but giving you an opportunity to experience places well known to famous writers, some well known in Cornwall, others perhaps a surprise, for example Wind in the Willows was written in Fowey and Dylan Thomas married in Penzance.



Shortish walks on Dartmoor     Paul White

978-1-906474-23-2         £3.99    Order info

15 circular Dartmoor walks, 4-8km in length, selected for their beauty and interest.

Fairly Easy Walks on Dartmoor Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-48-5       £3.99  
 Order info

What do we mean by ‘fairly easy’? Circular walks of 3-9km, without steep gradients, very long ascents or difficult stiles, walks normally easy underfoot and on which you are unlikely to get lost! Explore Dartmoor without too much effort.
Really Short Walks to Explore Dartmoor

Paul White & Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-79-9       £4.00
    Order info

Mostly circular walks, typically 3-5km in length, chosen to show places of interest as well as the scenery of Dartmoor.

Dartmoor pub walks      Robert Hesketh

978-1-915664-03-7      £4.99    Order info

13 circular walks from 9-13 km (6-8 miles) in length either ending near a Dartmoor pub, or including a pub part way round the circuit.

Pushchair walks on Dartmoor      Emma Richardson

978-1-906474-95-9      £4.99    Order info

17 walks from 1 to 7km in length suitable for an all-terrain push-chair, and many of them also suitable for a stroller.

Walks on High Dartmoor    Paul White

978-1-906474-17-1       £3.99   Order info

11 walks, 7-20km, which will enable you to see the higher, wilder and lonelier parts of the moor, but chosen with safety and ease of navigation in mind.



Exeter and East Devon dog walks     Robert Hesketh 

978-1-915664-22-8     £4.99   Order info

Walks between 2 and 8km in length, chosen with dogs in mind, avoiding hazards and providing off-lead opportunities.

Fairly Easy Walks in North Devon      Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-75-1       £4.00    Order info

Walks of 3-8km without steep gradients, difficult stiles, or too much mud or loose stones. Explore North Devon without excessive effort.

South Devon dog walks     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-98-0     £4.99    Order info

Walks chosen with dogs in mind, with off-lead opportunities and avoiding difficult stiles and unfenced cliffs.

Ten Town Trails – South Devon Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-44-7     £2.99    Order info

Walks around some of Devon’s finest historic towns – Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Modbury, Plympton, Salcombe, South Brent, Tavistock and Totnes.

Really short walks - East Devon coast    Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-29-4       £3.99    Order info

17 suggestions for walks (3-6km, 2-3 miles) mostly involving a section of coast path and an inland return. Some are easy, others challenging, because the coast is hilly as well as beautiful.

Really short walks South Devon    Paul White

978-1-906474-16-4         £3.99   Order info

15 walks, mostly 3-5km (2-3 miles), in the glorious scenery of the South Hams and Torbay.

Shortish walks East Devon    Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-71-3         £3.99   Order info

15 circular walks typically 6-8km in length, six taking in stretches of the magnificent coast and eight exploring delightful inland scenery.

Shortish walks in north Devon    Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-11-9         £3.99    Order info  

14 circular walks, taking in quiet rolling farmland and woods, dramatic rock formations and coastal scenery. Covers the whole north coast, from Hartland to Doone country.

Shortish walks near Exeter    Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-40-9        £3.99     Order info  

11 circular walks, 4-9km in length, together with suggestions for there-and-back walks, all within 20km of Exeter.

Shortish walks: the South Devon coast    Paul White

978-1-915664-06-8        £4.99    Order info  

14 circular walks between Plymouth and Dartmouth, consisting of stretches of the beautiful and often dramatic coast path with inland return routes.

Shortish walks – Torbay and Dartmouth     Paul White

978-1-906474-62-1       £3.99     Order info

14 walks varying from 4-9 km in length, which will each occupy a morning or an afternoon. Most are truly rural, though two explore the history of Torquay’s development, and others make brief forays into interesting built-up areas, including Higher Brixham and Dartmouth.

Writers’ Walks in Devon   Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-86-7    £3.99  Order information

13 walks, 5-12km in length, chosen for their quality as walks, but at the same time giving you an opportunity to experience places known and loved by the likes of Jane Austen, ‘George Eliot’, Conan Doyle and Hilary Mantel.



Really short walks - Exmoor & Brendon     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-35-5     £3.99    Order info

19 suggestions for walks (3-5km, 2-3 miles) covering all aspects of Exmoor’s glorious coastal and inland scenery.

Shortish walks on Exmoor     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-36-2      £3.99   Order info

15 walks, 6-9km (4-6 miles), taking in woodland, farmland, exposed uplands and the magnificent coast.

Shortish Walks near Taunton Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-49-2      £3.99  
Order info

14 circular walks, from 5 to 9km in length, in beautiful and varied countryside – including the Quantocks, Blackdown Hills and the western Levels.

Tearoom and Pub Walks on Exmoor      Robert Hesketh

978-1-915664-14-3        £4.99   Order info

Walks of 8-14km – long enough to justify some refreshment. Each has at least one pub, and some have tearooms or cafés as well, either part-way round or at the end.

The Somerset Coast - Beaches and walks    Geoff Williams

978-1-906474-32-4      £3.99   Order info

Includes all the easily accessible beaches in Somerset, with information on parking, access, dog restrictions and facilities, as well as a dozen walks, mostly short strolls and none more than 7.5km (5 miles) in length.

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