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Book Lover’s Devon Paul White

     £2.99    Order info

Writers born in Devon as well as writers who have settled in Devon or taken holidays which influenced their work – the famous (Jane Austen, Dickens, Agatha Christie) and some now largely forgotten except within the county. There are quite a few surprises, from Disraeli to Beatrix Potter.

Devon beach and cove guide    Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-18-8     £3.99    Order info

Covers the whole Devon coast and provides practical information including parking, access and lifeguard cover.


Devon festivals Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-58-4     £3.99    Order info

Devon has a huge number of festivals and other events, ranging from ancient pagan survivals to modern literary and music festivals. Here we have concentrated on those which are oldest and most traditional in character, such as Green Man Day in Pilton and Ale Tasting in Ashburton.

Druids in the South-West? Paul White

978-1-906474-65-2     £2.99    Order info

Between about 1740 and 1860 it was widely believed that ‘the Druids’ had built the stone circles of the South-West, and even what we now know are natural rock formations. How did the mistake occur? And who really were the Druids? A serious book which will make you laugh.

How Devon changed the world (a bit) Paul White

978-1-906474-61-4     £2.99    Order info

From the first steam engine to the first commercial Christmas card, from central heating to the importation of tobacco, Devon ingenuity has produced some remarkable results – not all of them beneficial.

Cob and thatch       Robert Hesketh

978-1-899383-94-8      £2.99    Order info

Cob and thatch are archetypal West Country building materials. This book examines their history, and contains interviews with today's practitioners of these ancient crafts. Colour throughout.

Devon A-Z Paul White

     £2.99    Order info

People, places events and surprising facts. Why is Devon responsible for Yorkshire’s diet of fish and chips? Why is Runaway Lane so-called? Who, at the age of 64, promised to give birth to a new Messiah and had 100,000 followers?
Devon castles       Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-39-3     £3.99    Order info

A concise history and visitor’s guide to Devon’s true castles (medieval strongholds which were also homes) with some information on earlier and later fortifications.

Devon smugglers The truth behind the fiction      Robert Hesketh

978-1-899383-93-1      £2.99     Order info

Between 1700 and 1850, smuggling was a huge industry in Devon, actively supported by members of all social classes, but it was not romantic. This book gives a balanced view of 'free trade'.

Devon's geology: an introduction       Robert Hesketh

978-1-899383-89-4       £3.99     Order info

This book suggests places to visit, including saw-toothed reefs, chalk landslip, tors and an extinct volcano, to see the very best geological features in Devon. The author gives simple explanations, as well as directions for getting there.

Devon's history     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-14-0       £3.99    Order info

Far removed from the powerful influence of London, Devon developed in its own way, but with superb ports on two coastlines, it has always been open to the wider world...

Devon’s Railway Heritage Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-45-4       £3.99    Order info

Devon is a goldmine for railway enthusiasts, with a magnificent coastal stretch of main line, and several museums and preserved steam railways. This book will tell you what there is to see, and help you understand its historical context.

Devon's railways     Helen Harris

978-1-899383-40-5        £3.99    Order info

An introduction to the development of the railway system and its subsequent history, with many evocative old photographs, by a prize-winning local historian.

Ghosts of Devon     Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-47-8     £4.99   Order info

In Devon, the author writes, 'it seems there is a subtle link between this world and the next; where centuries do not matter and time, occasionally, stands still'.

Ghosts of north Devon      Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-13-3       £4.99   Order info

Accounts from local people and holiday-makers of ghostly apparitions in towns, villages and the countryside of North Devon (defined here as everywhere north of the A30 excluding Exeter).

Haunted Inns of Devon    Robert Hesketh

     £2.99   Order info

Robert Hesketh set out to uncover first-hand accounts of ghostly events at pubs throughout Devon, and, much to his astonishment, found himself recording his wife’s own unexpected paranormal experience.


Sir Francis Drake: Devon's flawed hero      Alexander White

978-1-899383-51-1        £2.99     Order info   

Drake is known by some as a spotless hero, warm, generous and compassionate, and by others as an arrogant, greedy and villainous pirate. This book uncovers the real man, the truth behind the legend.

Tales from Devon folklore    James Whinray

978-1-906474-43-0        £3.99     Order info 

A collection of stories, many of them humorous, including both legends and anecdotes about famous Devon personalities. They are told in their original form, but edited to avoid archaic usages.

Traditional Devon recipes    Carolyn Martin

978-1-906474-37-9        £3.99     Order info   

52 enticing recipes in which expert food researcher Carolyn Martin pools the wisdom of cooks across the centuries to bring the best of Devon’s traditions to the modern kitchen.

Vegetarian recipes from the West Country   Margaret Wilson

978-1-899383-67-2         £2.99     Order info

Restaurant owner Margaret Wilson follows up her successful Devonshire cookbook with a range of vegetarian recipes using local ingredients.

Walking the South Devon Coast in 1854 Walter White

978-1-906474-55-3        £3.99     Order info

Walter White was a self-educated man who worked for the Royal Society as a library cataloguer. He used his generous holidays to explore the British countryside, and was an acute observer, talking to people of all classes. Here he walks from Lyme Regis to Plymouth.

Walking North Cornwall to Dartmoor in 1854 Walter White

978-1-906474-56-0        £3.99     Order info

This is another selection from Walter White’s A Londoner’s Walk to the Land’s End, taken from his return journey, including the Cornish coast north of Camelford, the Tamar, and the Dart from Dartmouth to Dartmeet.

South-West Highway Atlas for 1675     Paul White
(Tamar Books imprint)

978-1-899383-82-5       £4.99    Order info

In 1675 John Ogilby, a cartographic publisher, mapped for the very first time the highways of England and Wales. Paul White discovered that in the West Country most of this ancient pre-turnpike road system has, amazingly, survived – as lanes, footpaths and other rights of way. This book contains Ogilby's original maps (approximately 800 miles of roads in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall) and, for Devon and Cornwall, provides an analysis of the routes as they appear today in OS maps and on the ground. Essential for local historians, map enthusiasts and anyone interested in history who wishes to explore these 'roads that time forgot'.


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