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Ghostly encounters South-West   Peter Underwood 

978-1-899383-49-8         £2.99   Order info

Author, broadcaster, lecturer and 'elder statesman of psychical research', Peter Underwood was a longstanding member of the Society for Psychical Research, Patron of the Ghost Research Foundation and President of The Ghost Club Society.

Ghosts around Bodmin Moor   Michael Williams

978-1-899383-77-1         £2.99   Order info

Often working with mediums, Michael Williams explains some of his notable experiences of making contact with spirits, including those of a young mining boy, a rector at Warleggan and Sabine Barine-Gould.

Ghosts of Cornwall   Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-83-6         £4.00    Order info

Travelling through this beautiful county of mystery and magic, Peter Underwood relates strange happenings that cannot easily be explained by known laws of nature.

Ghosts of Devon   Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-84-3         £4.00   Order info

In Devon, the author writes, 'it seems there is a subtle link between this world and the next; where centuries do not matter and time, occasionally, stands still'.

Ghosts of Dorset    Peter Underwood

978-1-899383-88-7         £2.99   Order info

A world famous screaming skull, a supernatural white donkey, a phantom coach-and-horses which Thomas Hardy used in 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' and a prehistoric 'Peeping Tom' are just a few of the Dorset hauntings described here.

Ghosts of Somerset   Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-26-3        £2.99   Order info

Somerset is a rich hunting ground for the ghost enthusiast. Throughout its million acres there are scores of places, including Sedgemoor, Bath and Glastonbury, with ghostly associations.

Haunted inns of Cornwall     Robert Hesketh

978-1-906474-59-1      £2.99     Order info

Robert Hesketh and his wife Adrienne travelled the length of Cornwall to hear at first hand the intriguing experiences of owners and bar staff in the countys ancient inns.

Haunted Inns of Devon    Robert Hesketh

        £2.99   Order info

Robert Hesketh set out to uncover first-hand accounts of ghostly events at pubs throughout Devon, and, much to his astonishment, found himself recording his wife’s own unexpected paranormal experience.
Ley lines of the south west    Alan Neal

978-1-899383-67-2        £2.99     Order info   

An excellent explanation of what ley lines are, what their original purpose was and how to find them. The author, a professional dowser, also includes leys he has discovered in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

West Country Faerie:
How and where to see Nature Spirits   Diana Mullis

978-1-899383-75-7       £2.99   Order info

Diana Mullis provides amazing insights, personal anecdotes and up-to-date information on how, where and when to communicate with the faerie realm.

West Country hauntings   Peter Underwood

978-1-899383-64-1        £2.99   Order info

Carefully researched accounts of paranormal activity in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

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