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Cornish ports and harbours   Ian Heard

978-1-906474-02-7     £4.99   Order info

An artist's view of Cornwall today, interlaced with personal memories from his childhood as the son of a south Cornwall boat-builder. Full colour paintings throughout.

South-West Highway Atlas for 1675   Paul White
(Tamar Books imprint)

978-1-899383-82-5    £4.99   Order info

In 1675 John Ogilby, a cartographic publisher, mapped for the very first time the highways of England and Wales. Paul White discovered that in the West Country most of this ancient pre-turnpike road system has, amazingly, survived – as lanes, footpaths and other rights of way. This book contains Ogilby's original maps (approximately 800 miles of roads in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall) and, for Devon and Cornwall, provides an analysis of the routes as they appear today in OS maps and on the ground. Essential for local historians, map enthusiasts and anyone interested in history who wishes to explore these 'roads that time forgot'.

The mysterious loss of the Darlwyne Martin Banks

    £9.99    Order info

On 31 July 1966 there occurred one of the worst sea tragedies of modern times, when the motor vessel Darlwyne was lost with all 31 men, women and children on board. This book tells the tragic story.
Cornish cats     Ian Heard

978-1-899383-58-0     £2.99   Order info

A hilariously entertaining look at life in Cornwall from the perspective of cats. Full colour illustrations.

Druids in the South-West?     Paul White

978-1-906474-65-2     £2.99   Order info

Between about 1740 and 1860 it was widely believed that ‘the Druids’ had built the stone circles of Cornwall, and even what we now know are natural rock formations, such as the Cheesewring. How did the mistake occur? And who really were the Druids? A serious book which will make you laugh.

Ghosts around Bodmin Moor    Michael Williams

978-1-899383-77-1     £2.99   Order info

Often working with mediums, Michael Williams explains some of his notable experiences of making contact with spirits, including those of a young mining boy, a rector at Warleggan and Sabine Barine-Gould.

Ghosts of Cornwall    Peter Underwood

978-1-899383-10-8      £4.99   Order info

Travelling through this beautiful county of mystery and magic, Peter Underwood relates strange happenings that cannot easily be explained by known laws of nature.

Vegetarian recipes from the West Country   Margaret Wilson

978-1-899383-67-2      £2.99    Order info

Restaurant owner Margaret Wilson follows up her successful Devonshire cookbook with a range of vegetarian recipes using local ingredients.

Walking North Cornwall to Dartmoor in 1854     Walter White

978-1-906474-56-0     £3.99    Order info

Walter White was a self-educated man who worked for the Royal Society as a library cataloguer. He used his generous holidays to explore the British countryside, and was an acute observer, talking to people of all classes. This book is part of his return journey, including the Cornish coast north of Camelford, the Tamar and the Dart.


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