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Cornish ports and harbours   Ian Heard

978-1-906474-02-7     £4.99   Order info

An artist's view of Cornwall today, interlaced with personal memories from his childhood as the son of a south Cornwall boat-builder. Full colour paintings throughout.

Cornish cats     Ian Heard

978-1-899383-58-0     £2.99   Order info

A hilariously entertaining look at life in Cornwall from the perspective of cats. Full colour illustrations.

Cornish Engine Houses    Robert Hesketh and Paul White

978-1-906474-91-1     £3.99   Order info

Engine houses are an iconic feature of Cornwall. This book gives a brief explanation of their history and makes suggestions for the best places to visit.

Cornish engineers and inventors    Carolyn Martin

978-1-915664-16-7      £3.99   Order info

Cornwall produced an amazing number of engineers and inventors, especially when the mining industry put it at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Some such as William Murdoch, Humphry Davy and Richard Trevithick are well known, others, such as Sir Goldsworthy Gurney of Bude, much less so than they deserve.

Cornwall’s Writers     Carolyn Martin

978-1-915664-21-1    £3.99   Order info

Short biographies of writers, both Cornish born and others who were influenced by Cornwall. such as Daphne du Maurier and John le Carré.

Tales of Cornish Giants     Robert Hunt

978-1-915664-18-1    £3.99   Order info

A collection of folk tales from the West of Cornwall, which was apparently inhabited by quarrelsome giants in ancient times.

Cornwall and slavery     Paul White

978-1-906474-93-5    £2.99   Order info

Cornwall had plantation owners as well as abolitionists – and some Cornish people were themselves captured and enslaved in North Africa. This book attempts to understand (but not excuse) why it took so long for slavery to be abolished.

Ghosts of Cornwall    Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-83-6      £4.00   Order info

Travelling through this beautiful county of mystery and magic, Peter Underwood relates strange happenings that cannot easily be explained by known laws of nature.

Haunted inns of Cornwall     Robert Hesketh

978-1-915664-07-5     £3.99   Order info

Robert Hesketh and his wife Adrienne travelled the length of Cornwall to hear at first hand the intriguing experiences of owners and bar staff in the countys ancient inns.

Tales of Cornish Mariners and Mermaids     Robert Hunt

978-1-906474-87-4    £2.99   Order info

Folklore stories collected in the early Victorian period, with ghosts and other unearthly creatures, at once tempting and dangerous.

Tales of Cornish Witchcraft     Robert Hunt

978-1-915664-23-5 £3.99   Order info

A collection of stories and accounts of witches, pellers and charmers, some malign, some of them well-meaning pedlars of the placebo effect.

Traditional Cornish recipes     Carolyn Martin

978-1-906474-92-8    £3.99    Order info

Expert food researcher Carolyn Martin pools the wisdom of cooks across the centuries to bring the best of Cornwall’s traditions to the modern kitchen.

Walking North Cornwall to Dartmoor in 1854     Walter White

978-1-906474-56-0     £3.99    Order info

Walter White was a self-educated man who worked for the Royal Society as a library cataloguer. He used his generous holidays to explore the British countryside, and was an acute observer, talking to people of all classes. This book is part of his return journey, including the Cornish coast north of Camelford, the Tamar and the Dart.

What makes Cornwall different?    Paul White

978-1-915664-27-3     £3.99    Order info

A brief introduction to Cornwall, whose geography and geology both influenced its history.


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