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Big cat mysteries of Somerset    Chris Moiser

978-1-899383-78-8      £2.99   Order info

Are sightings of big cats in places like Brassknocker Hill, Exmoor, the Brendon Hills, the Quantocks and the Mendips to be taken seriously? Chris Moiser weighs the evidence and reveals some startling facts.

Cob and thatch       Robert Hesketh

978-1-899383-94-8      £2.99   Order info

Cob and thatch are archetypal West Country building materials. This book examines their history, and contains interviews with today's practitioners of these ancient crafts. Colour throughout.

Druids in the South-West?      Paul White

978-1-906474-65-2      £2.99   Order info

Between about 1740 and 1860 it was widely believed that ‘the Druids’ had built the stone circles of the South-West. John Nash, architect of the Circus at Bath, believed Stanton Drew was a Druid university! How did such mistakes occur? And who really were the Druids? A serious book which will make you laugh.

Ghosts of Somerset      Peter Underwood

978-1-906474-26-3       £2.99   Order info   

Somerset is a rich hunting ground for the ghost enthusiast. Throughout its million acres there are scores of places, including Sedgemoor, Bath and Glastonbury, with ghostly associations.

Legends of Somerset    Sally Jones

978-1-899383-63-4      £2.99     Order info   

Sally Jones searches out legendary places and walks in the ancient footsteps of Neolithic man, the Doones, St Carantoc, the Duke of Monmouth, St Joseph of Arimathea and even Jesus himself.

Vegetarian recipes from the West Country   Margaret Wilson

978-1-899383-67-2      £2.99     Order info 

Restaurant owner Margaret Wilson follows up her successful Devonshire cookbook with a range of vegetarian recipes using local ingredients.

South-West Highway Atlas for 1675   Paul White
(Tamar Books imprint)

978-1-899383-82-5      £4.99   Order info

In 1675 John Ogilby, a cartographic publisher, mapped for the very first time the highways of England and Wales. Paul White discovered that in the West Country most of this ancient pre-turnpike road system has, amazingly, survived – as lanes, footpaths and other rights of way. This book contains Ogilby's original maps (approximately 800 miles of roads in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall) and, for Devon and Cornwall, provides an analysis of the routes as they appear today in OS maps and on the ground. Essential for local historians, map enthusiasts and anyone interested in history who wishes to explore these 'roads that time forgot'.

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